What’s in our hand luggage?

It is fair to say we have done a quite a bit of travel in our time as a lot of our family live away. Most live on the other side of the country so it is usually just a quick flight over to see them.

When it comes to packing we both always seem to write a list of things I need to pack no matter how far or long we are a going. I am also one that likes to pack way ahead of time (some would say that I pack way too early) but I find that it minimises the amount of things I forget and I am never stressed when I pack ahead of time.

As for hand luggage, we both tend to over pack and take the biggest bag we can. And I mean let’s be honest when I pack particular items I know deep down that I probably won’t need them or use them throughout the flight. My go to bag for travel is my Longchamp LE PLIAGE NÉO as I find it is very light weight and not structured which means it will easily fit under the seats. As for in-flight essentials these would have to be my go to:

Chewing gum is a must it not only helps to prevent your ears popping when taking off and landing it also gives you fresh breath when you reach your destination. For entertainment, I always take my phone, laptop, a pair of earbuds and my Beats Noise Cancelling headphones. Depending on the length of the flight I may take a book to read, this is more so for international flights. I usually end up buying a magazine at the airport when I fly domestic.

Other random things I take include my wallet, phone charger, sunglasses and a jumper.

As for beauty, I like to hand sanitizer, some face wipes or wet ones, usually a mascara and eyebrow filler if I know I am going to be meeting people on the other side, deodorant, perfume or body spray (again usually buy one at Victoria’s Secret at the airport).